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August 22, 2011
Open Ceremony.
August 29, 2011
Closing Ceremony.


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Second Circular
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The contributions, either poster or oral, should be assigned to one MS when submitted. In the following list the MS are ordered by different IUCr commissions, one MS could be under more than one commission.
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Hot Topics 2010
MS31 Structural Implications in Catalytic Processes
MS52 Graphitic Materials

1. Aperiodic Crystals
MS30 Diffuse Scattering in Partially Ordered/Disordered Systems
MS55 Atomic Dynamics Using X-Ray and Neutrons
MS63 Quasicrystals and their Approximants: Structure and Physical Properties
MS69 Crystallographic Methods and Software for Periodic and Aperiodic Crystals
MS84 What is order, and how can one describe it? (Which kinds of matter diffract?)
MS88 Crystal Chemistry and Physics of Modulated and Composite Crystals
MS98 Complex Structure and Frustrated Systems: Simulation and Experiments

2. Biological Macromolecules
MS1 Hot Structures in Biology I
MS2 Hybrid Methods: the EM-Crystallography Interface
MS8 Large Biological Assemblies
MS11 Standardization, Validation, and Automation in Modern Biological Small-Angle Scattering
MS15 Nucleosome Processing and Epigenetics
MS16 Crystallography in Disease and Therapy
MS22 Cell Signalling and Protein-Protein Interactions
MS23 Difficult Phasing and Difficult Structures
MS29 Viruses and Viral Proteins
MS35 The Growth and Morphology of Crystals
MS36 Understanding Bacterial Pathogenesis
MS37 X-Ray Lasers and other New Frontiers in Synchrotron Applications to Structural Science
MS50 Structural Biology of the Immune System
MS51 Complementary Biophysical Methods: Adding Value to Protein Structures
MS57 New Perspectives in Structural Genomics
MS58 New Computational Approaches to Structure Solution and Refinement
MS64 Hot Structures in Biology II
MS70 Radiation Damage: Consequences and Uses
MS71 Machinery of RNA Processing
MS72 Automated Data Processing and Structural Solution for High Throughput Crystallography
MS78 Transcription and Translation
MS85 Membrane Protein Structures
MS86 Challenges of Low-Resolution Crystallography
MS92 Crystallizing Challenging Biological Targets
MS93 Dissecting Enzyme Mechanisms

3. Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities
MS34 Descriptors of Electronic Structure and Chemical Bonding
MS41 Advanced Approaches in Charge Density Analysis and Derived Properties
MS48 Electron Momentum and Spin Densities in Correlated Electron Systems
MS55 Atomic Dynamics Using X-Ray and Neutrons
MS76 Density Functional Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations
MS90 Hydrogen Bonding: From the Solid State to Solution
MS96 Complementary Use of Neutrons and Photons in Magnetism
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