Important Dates
August 22, 2011
Open Ceremony.
August 29, 2011
Closing Ceremony.


  • August 2011

    The latest Instructions to arrive to Colegios Mayores are available here.
  • August 2011

    Final Program files are ready to download.

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Second Circular
Updated information in the web page
Enrique Gutiérrez-Puebla Chairperson (CSIC, Spain)
Viktor L. Aksenov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia)
Mois Aroyo (Basque Country University, Spain)
Isabella Ascone (CNRS, France)
Ricardo Baggio (National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina)
Heather M. Baker (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Marc de Boissieu (CNRS, France)
Radovan Cerny (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Wulf Depmeier (Kiel University, Germany)
Eric Dooryhee (CNRS, France)
Francesca Fabbiani (Goettingen University, Germany)
Juan M. García-Ruiz (CSIC, Spain)
Tayur N. Guru Row (Indian Institute of Science, India)
Keijo Hamalainen (Helsinki University, Finland)
Lynne Howell (University of Toronto, Canada)
Reiko Kuroda (Tokyo University, Japan)
Martín Martínez-Ripoll (CSIC, Spain)
Norberto Masciocchi (University of Insubria, Italy)
Luigi Nassimbeni (Cape Town University, South Africa)
Sakura Pascarelli (ESRF, France)
Harry Powell (Cambridge University, UK)
Xiao-Dong Su (Peking University, China)
Jill Trewhella (University of Sydney, Australia)
Pamela Whitfield (NRC, Canada)
Jian-Min Zuo (University of Illinois, USA)

Ex - officio
James F. Britten (McMaster University, Canada, Montreal-2014)
Yasuhiko Fujii (CROSS, Japan, Osaka-2008)

Executive Committee Representative
Chris Gilmore (University of Glasgow, UK)

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