Important Dates
August 22, 2011
Open Ceremony.
August 29, 2011
Closing Ceremony.


  • August 2011

    The latest Instructions to arrive to Colegios Mayores are available here.
  • August 2011

    Final Program files are ready to download.

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Second Circular
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IUCr2011 Poster Award / Prize List of Winners
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Poster Award/Prize Field Poster No. First Author Country
European Mineralogical Union Poster Prizes Structural Changes and Voltage Output in Defect Perovskite Cathode Matherials MS39.P08 William Brant Sydney, AU
The Pyrite (100) Surface Structure in Dry and Aqueous Ambient Conditions MS21.P11 Sandrina Meis Bochum, GE
RCSB – Protein Data Bank Poster Prize Unexpected Reactions Resulting from Mutating Catalytic Residues in an Amidase MS93.P33 Serah Kimani Cape Town, ZA
Professor Rupp Poster Prizes Joint Neutron/X-ray Crystallographic Study on the Mechanism of Pectate Lyase MS82.P06 S. Ali Grenoble, FR
NTPDases of Microbial Pathogens MS22.P20 Ulrike Krug Leipzig, GE
CrystEngComm Poster Prizes Observation of a Conserved ‘Selenium Bond Synthon’ Involving Se…O Interaction MS34.P13 Sajesh P. Thomas Bangalore, IN
Non-centrosymmetric Molecules – Centrosymmetric Structure? MS87.P05 Christophe M. L. Van de Velde Antwerpen, BE
CCDC Poster Prizes Five New Metal-organic Frameworks: Novel Topologies and Characteristics MS81.P21 Kate Davies Cape Town, ZA
Mutual Additive-Induced Polymorphism in Aspirin / Aspirin Anhydride Derivatives L.A.04 Katarzyna A. Solanko Odense, DK
‘Organic’ Fluorine Dictates the Molecular Conformation and Packing MS24.P30 Amol G. Dikundwar Bangalore, IN
Oxford Cryosystems Poster Prize Thermal and Photocrystallographic Studies on a Nickel-nitro Complex MS80.P04 Lauren Hatcher Bath, UK
PANalytical Poster Prize Difficulties in Identification of Copper-bassed Pigments in Objects of Art MS46.P05 Petr Bezdička Husinec-Rez, CZ
GE3C – Biological Crystallography Crystal Structure of Bacteriophage T4 Fibre Protein gp37 L.A.09 Carmela García-Doval Madrid, ES
GE3C – Chemical Crystallography Proton Migration in Molecular Complexes of Urea and its Derivatives MS73.P15 Andrew O.F. Jones Glasgow, UK
GE3C – Crystal Growth Crystal Growth of Friedel’s Salt Originated from Pozzolan and Portland Cement MS35.P01 Lidia Trusilewicz Madrid, ES
GE3C – Mineralogical Crystalography Humidity- and Pressure-induced Hydration of K,Na-rich Laumontite MS25.P06 Sergey V. Rashenko Novosibirsk, RU
GE3C – Physical Crystallography Magnetic Structures of the Co+2 Doped Mn1-xCoxWO4 Wolframites MS96.P04 I. Urcelay-Olabarria Grenoble, FR
IUCr – Biological Crystallography Oriented Nucleation of Hemozoin at the Food Vacuole Membrane in P. falciparum MS14.P03 Sergey Kapishnikov Rohovot, IL
IUCr – Chemical Crystallography Molybdenum Oxide/Bipyridine Hybrid Materials: Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Studies MS31.P29 Tatiana R. Amarante Aveiro, PT
IUCr – Physical Crystallography An Examination of the Structure of Fe3O4 Using Reverse Monte Carlo Refinements MS26.P06 Callum A. Young Oxford, UK
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